Qualified Remedial Saddle Fitters by Region

Our Remedial Saddle Fitters usually cover several counties - some travelling long distances to clients who do not have a local person available. Expect extra travelling charges to be applied where this is the case. Where you cannot find a Remedial Saddle Fitter near you please email info@horse1stsaddlefitting.co.uk for help.

Often our fitters have additional specialist skills as part of their equine 'portfolio'. Learn more about these by visiting our page of Recommended Services or their individual websites.

UK and worldwide

Kay Humphries  Tel: 01494 676583 or email nortonandnewby@btdirect.com

East of England

Oonagh Endersby (Cambs and surrounding counties) Mobile: 07930 464123 email oonagh@daltonsaddlefitting.co.uk, Facebook @daltonsaddlefitting

South East

Linda Courtney (Sussex & SE) Tel: 07984 188681 or 01453 812588, email linda@remedialsaddlefitting.com, website www.remedialsaddlefitting.com

Anna Hughes (Home Counties & SE) Tel: 07977 909513 or 01795 890520, email anna@remedialsaddlefitting.com, website www.remedialsaddlefitting.com.

Georgina McKeown (Surrey, Middlesex, Greater London) Tel: 07904 635253 or email georgzilla@hotmail.co.uk.

Emma Payne (Kent, East Sussex, Surrey) Tel:07592 890382 or 01580 762150, email Elpayne41@gmail.com

Claire Turley (Kent, Surrey, Sussex) Tel: 07845 226313 or email claireemily6@hotmail.com

South West

Flick Andrychowska (Devon, Cornwall & South West) Tel: 07860 600990 or 01548 559191, email flick@flcik.org.uk

Claire Howson (Gloucestershire, Hereford & Worcester) Tel: 07887 606206 email claire-howson@yahoo.com, also www.mctimoneytherapist.com

Wales & the West

Genti Campbell (South & mid Wales) Tel: 07813 753839, or email genticampbell@gmail.com. Facebook: Genti Campbell Saddle Fitting

Amanda Lennox (Hereford, Worcester, Gloucestershire and Welsh Borders) Tel: 07710 278992 or 01508 770518, email amanda@thehorseschoice.co.uk, web: www.thehorseschoice.co.uk.

The Midlands

Jo Clark (East Midlands) Tel: 07976 942250 or 01327 361700, email jo@holisticequitation.co.uk, website www.holisticequitation.co.uk.

Laura Gardner (Northants, Beds, Bucks, Herts) Tel: 07921 265607, or email laura831gardner@btinternet.com.

Thea Maxfield (northern Home Counties & UK) Tel: 07817 877896 or 01869 277740, email theamaxfield@hotmail.co.uk.

Louisa Tarling (Bucks, Beds Oxon) Tel: 07759 254086 or email louisa@saddleremedies.co.uk, website www.saddleremedies.co.uk

The North West

Joanne Mitchell (West Midlands, North Wales, Shropshire, Staffs, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancs) Tel: 07818 587250 or email bespoke.equus@gmail.com

Juliet Hart (Cheshire & North Wales) Tel: 07905 948194, Facebook @devasaddlefitting, Email devasaddlefitting@hotmail.com, Website: www.devasaddlefitting.co.uk

Hannah Jones (Cheshire, Shropshire & North Wales) Tel: 0733 380883 or email hannahequinetherapist@outlook.com. Website www.hannahequinetherapist.co.uk.

Specialising in English, Baroque and Western saddles.

Angela Brock (N. Yorks, W. Yorks & Lancs) Tel. 07834 087101 - also ICAT Equine Sports Massage & McTimoney-Corley Animal Manipulation

Jesica Bright (Shropshire, Powys & Midlands) Tel 07921 485041 or email jess.h.bright13@gmail.com.


Sahajo Southey-Stewart (NE Scotland) Tel: 07712 760247 or email saj@true-being.com.