"Thank you Steve, Ben and Kay for two amazing days. I both learned and enjoyed them immensely."

Mandy - Surrey, after the first workshop of her Remedial Saddle Fitting course in 2011


"I had a fantastic time on the course. I truly feel very priviledged to have this opportunity, and can't wait to get back in June to learn more."

Joanne - Cambridgeshire, also after the first workshop of her course


"There has been a huge improvement in my horse's shape since he was assessed by a Horse1st trained Remedial Saddle Fitter in September 2013. Before the clinic both my vet and physio had declared him fit and healthy, and were happy that he had no saddle issue. At the clinic his saddle was assessed, as was his way of going, and it was recommended that I replace my saddle immediately and book some bodywork sessions to help relieve the muscle tightness along his back, which was affecting his posture and movement.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on how a saddle SHOULD fit"


This message was accompanied by a photo comparing a recent wither template with the one taken in September. After riding in his new saddle for 3 months, and with 4 bodywork sessions by EMRT therapist Sue Connolly, he had substantially rebuilt his musculature and presented a balanced wither profile.