Remedial saddle fitting is part of a holistic approach to get the very best out of your horse. At Horse1st we train our fitters to be part of your team of equine professionals (e.g. your vet, farrier, physio, muscle therapist, coach/instructor) - with the aim of best serving your horse's needs.

We select only experienced equestrians for training. They are Lantra qualified and fully insured, to provide you with a high quality service and peace of mind.

How does Remedial Saddle Fitting differ?

We are not trade-based and, first and foremost, want to help you and your horse.
Saddle-related problems can have a variety of causes - and knowing which takes experience and training. Only by identifying the original reason can the correct advice be given. For example a horse may become one-sided and the saddle is seen to press on the stronger side. Is the saddle causing the problem or is the horse shielding an injury by over-developing on that side? What has caused the injury? Does the remedy lie with your vet or your farrier? Have you had hip or leg problems that make you sit unevenly?

Unless you know what is wrong you cannot begin to put it right. Our saddle fitters are trained to assess horses for skeletal and muscular imbalances, and to understand the impact these will have on its ability to function properly. With rehabilitation your horse will improve bodily, and the saddle will need adjustment to cater for this. Knowing how much room to leave for growth, and how to support weakened areas until this takes place, is part of our training.

We also teach the assesment of existing saddles, and how saddles are designed and constructed. So the Horse1st-trained saddle fitter will know if your saddle is still appropriate for your horse and if it can be adjusted economically. They can arrange its repair and re-flocking, where this is needed, or measure your horse for a saddle which will allow it to move correctly and which will be comfortable for you.

Is it very expensive?

A Remedial Saddle Fitting consultation is no more expensive than any other saddle fitting you may have done. What it will do is save you money by ensuring your horse is able to optimise its performance and therefore will have an enhanced value. You will also be better rewarded for the many hours (and money) you spend on caring for your horse. A horse that is well-saddled will behave better and be much more pleasant to own.

One of the students on our very first course revealed that she had spent £21.5k in the previous 2 years on saddles that do not fit. Her financial savings are very evident - and her horse goes much, much better and is a happier animal.

Where can I find a Remedial Saddle Fitter?

Please visit our page "Finding Remedial Saddle Fitters" on the menu bar above.

How can I find out about becoming a Remedial Saddle Fitter?

Again visit the page on "Training" on the menu bar.

All correspondence to horse1st remedial saddle fitting, 33 Croft Lane, Temple Grafton, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 6PA.
Telephone (+44) 01789 772413 or email: info@horse1stsaddlefitting.co.uk.